The Unlikely Stories

Fiction by AZ Outback



  • Ron Merlot: Owner and operator of AZOutback Consulting, a computer and network services company. Ron builds and installs computer networks and systems for BDSM Suppliers and other clients in the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas markets. Ron also builds websites on the side.
  • Martina Merlot: Ron's first wife. Martina is a couple French Fries short of Happy Meal but has a killer body, which she devotes all of her free time to maintaining. Of course that is when she is not having a wild night out with her girl friends at the local clubs. She was a 'Connoisseur of Clubs' in her younger years, but has 'grown-up' and settled down.
  • Laura Merlot: Ron's older sister and business partner. Laura lives on the eastern outskirts of Las Vegas. Her job is to ensure the computers' software can talk to the other computers and the main server. When it comes to hardware she is clueless, she wouldn't know a USB Port from a ZIP Disk. Gets quite sexually crazy when drunk.
  • Sara Rae: Ron's second wife. Sara worked as a fetish model for Ron while they were both going to college. Sara was hired by Ron as a housekeeper (mainly to clean up after Martina and her friends) when he first relocated to Arizona from Nevada. When Ron and Martina divorced everyone knew Sara and Ron would mary. Sara still does the occasional modeling gig in Vegas or Los Angeles and even for some of Ron's clients.
  • Maya Rae: Sara's 'big' younger sister from Frisco, Texas. Maya was in an abusive relationship and nearly hit bottom when Sara and Ron rescued her from Frisco.
  • Andy McGrawl: Owner of a chain of computer stores in the Phoenix (PC's & Things) and Tucson (McGrawl Innovation Systems) metro areas, said to be a cash front for the swingers style club, The Pussycat Lounge outside of Tucson. Ron and Sara met Andy and his wife at the hotel they were staying while working a job for a premier client. Ron and Andy both having background/interest in computers and Sara and Lindsay in clothing, especially fetish clothing; the four of them hit it off right-away and been good friends ever since.
  • Lindsay McGrawl-Sauvignon: Andy's wife/business partner and fofmer head entertainer for the Pussycat Lounge. Upon relocating to Scottsdale, Sara and Lindsay work together and the same boutique.
  • Wynn Song Lee: Merlot's housekeeper and Ron's Project Manager. Wynn use to work for the McGrawl's in Tucson until she pursed culinary school.
  • Gary Zinfandel: Ron's best client and owner of ACME BDSM. Based out of Las Vegas, but with a "satellite office" in Phoenix, the stores specializes in high quality, custom-made bondage supplies and equipment (including chastity belts) at low price and fast. He has built and provided equipment and toys for both Ron and Laura's playrooms. Gary also has a close circle of clients in the BDSM community and is constantly giving Ron new client referrals.
  • Bunny Zinfandel-Gris:Gary's wife, a craftswoman of custom-made leather body harnesses. They met during an S&M convention in Henderson. Prior to her and Gary marrying she lived with her sister and their parents in Kingman. Upon marrying Gary and him relocating to the new satellite office, they all moved to Arizona where they had a house built next to Ron and Sara.
  • Bambi Gris: Bunny's sister and business partner. She does make some of the harnesses herself, Bambi is more a model than a craftswoman.
  • Marc Frosh: Ron's best friend and Martina's boss/second husband. Marc is the Conciser Manager for a local resort near the Merlot's and has very close circle of clients. Marc can get you a good deal on almost everything, as he always "knows someone, who knows someone" or else they owe him a favor.


  • Lorena Merlot: Ron's mother who lives outside of Tucson. Prior she lived in the Vegas area until the death of her husband when she decided she wanted out of that life.
  • Blanche: Lorena's partner.They met after Lorena had relocated to Arizona.
  • Lynette Meyers aka 'Miss Kitty':Laura's high school sweetheart and partner. She has worked as cocktail waitress/entertainer and adult entertainment actor in Las Vegas. Has since relocated with Laura to outside of Tucson and is operations manager for the Tucson location of the same Boutique Sara and Lindsay work.
  • Linda Holstein: Owner of The Budget Holstein Leather Works, better known as The Budget Holstein. She was Ron & Laura's very first official client, specializing in leather S&M outfits, shoes and specialty items such as high end corsets and lingerie.
  • Olivia de la Esmeralda: Hostess and part owner (with Linda being the other owner) of Corona de las Estrella's restaurant in Oro Valley near The Budget Holstein. Olivia also does event coordinating such as weddings.
  • Kayre Holstein: Linda's daughter and business partner for The Budget Holstein.
  • Kacie O'Neil: Kayre's girl-friend. While Kacie tends to be quiet, she does have a wild side She was kicked out of Military School, though no one knows why. She was working at the local Wal Mart.


  • Anna Adela Cruz aka 'Peaches' "Peaches" was the Whitewater Ranch caretaker.That was until the owner (Sara and Maya's father) 'bet the Ranch' and lost. Peaches and Maya became lovers from the first time their paths crossed that cold night in Chugwater. Peaches came into Maya's life at very low point and helped Maya out of dark, downward spiral.
  • Dirk Mandrake: Former troublesome and violent boyfriend of Sara & Maya.He is wanted on warrants in Arizona, Nevada and Texas.
  • Doyle: Sales & Assistant Manager for PC's & Things.
  • Dunn Brooks: Senior Store Manager for PC's & Things 
  • Zina del Rio: Store Manager for PC's & Things Fountain Hills location.The first 'stable' manager the McGrawl's have had at the sometimes problematic Fountain Hills store.
  • Max: Tech Manager for PC's & Things.
  • Jason Jason: Owner of Boots and Leather (aka Boots) and also specializes in S&M outfits, but more so with boots. Based out of Frisco, Texas. This was the first client of AZOutback outside of the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets
  • Jed Rae: Sara and Maya's father. Wanted by authorities in several states for various acts of fraud.. He never really been a part of Sara and Maya's life. Only showed up for Sara's wedding and then when he needed a favor from Ron and The AZOutback Crew.
  • Sophie: Laura & Lynette's housekeeper and Laura's project manager. Came to the US from Scotland via Boston. Did modeling and adult entertainment. Answered and ad Laura had placed for a housekeeper while they were still in Las Vegas.
  • Tess Rae-Whitewater: Jed's second "wife". She was Jed's business partner, but ended up getting out of the 'business' before she  so involved she would have likely faced criminal prosecution as well.

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